Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ahli dunia vs ahli akhirat.

   Ada seorang anak murid bertanya pada tok gurunya.
   "wahai tok guru,  saya ni ahli dunia ke, atau ahli akhirat?"
Jawab tok gurunya
   "kalau kamu tidak tahu keadaan diri kamu,  aku lagi tak tahu keadaan diri kamu." jawab tok gurunya lalu menyambung lagi..
   "tapi aku nak tanya kamu dua soalan,  dua soalan ini akan menentukan kamu ahli dunia atau akhirat."
   "satu hari kamu berada di rumah,  lalu didatangi seorang laki laki, yang akhirnya menghadiahkan padamu seribu riyal. (kira seribu ringgitlah). Apa perasaan kamu?" tanya tok guru.
  "seronoklah tok guru." jawab anak murid.
  "baik. Kemudian, datang pula seorang lelaki miskin, datang pada kamu. Lalu kamu berikan pula duit itu kepadanya. Apa kamu rasa."
  Anak murid hanya diam sahaja. Tok guru menyambung lagi.
   "sekiranya kamu beri pada lelaki miskin itu,  kamu rasa lebih suka, lebih bahagia daripada kamu dapat duit itu, kamu ahli akhirat."
  "tapi jika masa kamu dapat duit itu, kamu rasa lebih seronok daripada kamu berikan duit itu.  Kamu masib lagi ahli dunia."

Cuba tanya diri sendiri, kita ini ahli dunia ka atau ahli akhirat?
Bayangkan, saat kita meninggal, kita masih lagi ahli dunia..

*petikan ceramah ustaz fawwaz.

Monday, 30 January 2017

midnight thought

we lived in the same country,
but why we can't unite?
in the same country where 1Malaysia is our vision?

why do we fought just because a ball?
when the mision of sport is to unite,
but our bond have gone further?

why we always blame others?
even though we are in the same team?
and it's like a competition when we should cooperate?

why there's always hatred?
among ourselves?
when actually we came from a same country,
same nation,
same religion,
ahhh, too many same!

why we always see others mistake?
but not ourselves?
even though we look at the mirror everyday?

why can't we be good person?
stoping to judge another human? or maybe animal? or plant?
when we can give them support,
beside hatred?

why do we need to talk about other people?
when we can create a strategy,
to make Malaysia become like America, or China?

why do we eat Mc'D?
even though we knew they are supporting Israel,
to kill human?

i know my English is so damn bad.
but, do i care?
it's humans. they are synonym with judging.
so just go on,
it's life!
have fun!